Truth? Nah, I'm Just Human...

Hey, so I came across something tonight that struck me as simple enough that I could blog about it and still get to bed in time - I'm trying not to pressure myself so much about this thing anymore, maybe that way I'll actually get some blogging done. So here you go...I've managed to post something after all.

So...isn't it great when you've been thinking about a concept or idea for quite some time, perhaps even had conversations with people in which you described this concept, and then find that there's other people out there in the wider community who have also been thinking about such things? I do. Anyway, this happened tonight. I was reading this in a document from soulforce.org, and I love it so much because not only is it one of those ideas, but it uses phraseology and wordage that is shockingly similar to the way I describe it. I guess I'm not really shocked that other people have thought about it, I just haven't heard it directly until now. Anyway, it's a relatively simple concept, but I challenge you guys to chew on it, at least a little.

"Even when we believe the Scriptures are 'infallible' or 'without error,' it’s terribly dangerous to think that our understanding of every biblical text is also without error. We are human. We are fallible. And we can misunderstand and misinterpret these ancient words—with tragic results."